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Referencing Information is sourcing where information comes from such as a chapter of a book, or information from an episode.

Why Reference?[]

There are many reasons why it is important to reference a piece of information.

  1. It makes it easy to look up the information on the page and check if it's correct.
  2. It proves the information is not made up by fans.
  3. It allows others to look up the information themselves if they want to read further into the subject matter.

Without referencing, much of what is written on a page cannot be taken as legitimate, even if it is.

How do I reference?[]

Referencing is easy.

  1. Start off with the code: <ref name=" ">
  2. Then give it a unique name such as: <ref name="Example1">
  3. Next we add more information, example: <ref name="Episode 2"> Ringo's age is given in episode 3
  4. Then we close the coding with </ref> so it ends up look like this: <ref name="Episode 2"> Ringo's age is given in episode 3 </ref>'''
  5. The last thing to do is add the following coding to the bottom of a page (if it isn't already there somewhere):


The End Result[]

After this the page will contain the reference. It will look like a number in a square like this: [1] and appear in the references section like this:


  1. Ringo's age is given in episode 3

You usually have to use a different name for each referencing, however if you have 5 things from the same source you can multi-source them, just make sure the ref name is all the same.

Alternative Method[]

  1. Write: <ref> Write the ref in this style </ref>

The advantage of this method is it is quicker to do and easier to remember for those new to wiki editing. However the disadvantage of this style of referencing is that you can't multi-source so it is recommended that you only use this if you do not intend to create multiple page references linked to the same source.

"This needs reference!"[]

Template:Confirm is a template to point out statements on a page that are unreferenced. Just input {{confirm}} next to the sentence that needs to be confirmed.

While it is advised that you enter these references yourself, if you do not know how to yourself quite yet (please see above), or don't know where the information placed has come from, this can point out to others that this statement is unconfirmed.