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Takakura Siblings
Kanji: ノルニル
Romaji: Noruniru
Singer(s)/Band: Etsuko Yakushimaru Metropolitan Orchestra.
Album/Single Nornir • Boys, Come Back to Me
Label Starchild
Length: • 1:33 (TV)
• 7:04 (Full length)
Anime Use Episode 1 - 14
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Nornir is the opening theme song for Mawaru Penguindrum. It is performed by Etsuko Yakushimaru Metropolitan Orchestra.



Opening 1 – Nornir-0

The majority of the opening takes place in a white space unless otherwise noted.

First Verse[]

The opening begins with a graphic of a penguin head spinning around on a vertical axis. It then cuts to three 3D rendered versions of penguins 1, 2, 3 which then cuts to Kanba, Shoma, and Himari's legs running along the top half of the screen. The bottom half has three of the same penguin graphic from earlier spinning again, but into a half shaded version as the three characters' legs pop away.

Second Verse[]

Kanba falls past the screen and turns black and breaks into pieces followed by Shoma doing the same. From the right, a hand holding the pink diary lets it go, which then fades away. Fading in is Himari twirling gently as she also starts to fall past the screen. Another hand, this time from the left, fades in and lets go of an apple with a sticker of the half shaded penguin on it which completely falls off the screen leading to the logo title.

Third Verse[]

The two mecha black and white bears spin around each other and fade away as Shoma and Kanba's grasping hands reach to each other which then fades as Himari falls in. Once her hair falls past the camera zooms into a subway turnstile and goes through it. On the other side is the half shaded bear spinning in the same place that denotes a subway station in the show. On the final flip, the half shaded penguin turns into a crested penguin, which quickly cuts to the Princess of the Crystal.

Fourth Verse[]

We cut to a birds eye view of the pink diary falling to be caught by Ringo who starts running with it, who then disappears in a giant fireball. A gun loading red balls appears on the screen in a dark background. The gun is getting loaded by Masako and cuts to a shot of her standing against a bright white background holding the gun in one hand.

Against a glittery dark pink space, Yuri walks slowly toward the camera while another version of her dressed up in an 18th century styled dress pans to the right in the background. The scene cuts to Tabuki's back, where he seems to be standing in the silhouette of something like a bird cage, along with a bird in it. Tabuki slowly turns to reveal his profile. It then cuts back to the white space and turns and zooms into the eyes of someone wearing a long white coat, with flowing long pink hair and dark pink eyes and ends up with what looks like glittering bullets falling down in the pink background.


It again cuts to a white space, this time with a pattern of the half shaded penguin on it. The brothers' hands reach and touch each other before pulling away slowly, while an unknown boy (wearing the same school uniform as Kanba and Shoma) falls past the screen, everything other than his clothes is completely black. Behind him the center of the patterned background has an encircled "95". And quickly, from the inside like a wave rippling, the half-shaded penguins turn into the crested penguin heads.

Fifth Verse[]

Once again we see the spinning 3-Dimensional forms of Penguins 1, 2, 3 but this time to the very right is also a black penguin. Cut to the red apple from earlier also turning around and around while falling, which is then gently caught by another hand waiting at the bottom of the screen. A final cut to Himari in her bed, sleeping while Kanba and Shoma on either side of the bed look away in opposite directions.


Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
くるくる回る 君の瞳 Kurukuru mawaru kimi no hitomi Your eyes are spinning around and around
探して回る 駅のホーム Sagashite mawaru eki no hoomu Searching around for the station platform
響く ファンファーレ Hibiku fanfaare The fanfare echoes
ガラガラ音を立てる街 Garagara oto o tateru machi The city makes a rattling sound
とりあえず耳を貸してみたの Toraezu mimi o kashite mita no For the time being, I listened
もうすぐ 消えるはずの世界に Mou sugu kieru hazu no sekai ni To this world that should be disappearing very soon
ごめんね Gomen ne I’m sorry
もう二度と会えないような そんな気がして Mou nido to aenai you na sonna ki ga shite It feels like we can’t ever meet again
運命が笑う Unmei ga warau Fate laughs
臨界点突破してんだ Rinkaiten toppa shiten da We’re breaking past the critical point
限界は既に去って Genkai wa sude ni satte We've broken past our limits
絶対的支配だって 崩壊 Zettai-teki shihai datte houkai

Absolute control has collapsed

終末理論は机上の空論でしかないって Shuumatsu riron wa kijou no kuuron de shika nai tte The final theory is nothing but a myth, there’s nothing we can do
0と1の世界線の果てから 叫ぶよ Zero to ichi no sekaisen no hate kara sakebu yo From the 0,1 world line to the very end of the world, I’ll be shouting
もうすぐ 君が会いに来るような 気がして Mou sugu kimi ga ai ni kuru you na ki ga shite It feels like you’ll come see me very soon
僕は目を閉じるよ Boku wa me o tojiru yo So I close my eyes


  • Nornir is the plural of Norns, female beings of Norse mythology who rule the destiny of gods and men.[1]

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