Kiga Group, formerly known as Penguin Force, is a terrorist group founded by Sanetoshi Watase to further his plans to remake the world. They twice attempted to bomb the Tokyo metro system.


Penguin ForceEdit

36th Antartic Enviromental Defense Team

The 36th Antarctic Environmental Defense Team.

Kenzan Takakura was the first leader of Penguin Force. He, and likely many of the other original members of the group, originated from a environmental expedition to Antarctica.

On March 20th, 1995, Penguinforce planted a number of teddy bombs across Tokyo's trains. Momoka Oginome attempted to stop the attack, but was thwarted by Sanetoshi Watase after only reciting half of the charm to transfer destinies. Thus, only half the people were saved.

Kiga GroupEdit


Following the attacks, Penguin Force changed their name to the Kiga Group to evade authorities. At this point, they also gained access to certain items such as penguin bullets.

When Kenzan and Chiemi Takakura were implicated by authorities in the Penguin Force bombings, they disappeared, leaving behind their children Kanba, Shoma, and Himari.

Due to financial pressure from keeping up the house and paying for the apple medicine keeping Himari alive, Kanba had to return to working for the Kiga Group for money. Kanba coordinated the second attack on the Tokyo Sky Metro system, which was stopped by Shoma and Ringo Oginome.

After transferring destinies, Kiga Group appears to be no more.

Known MembersEdit