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Beautiful Coffin
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Release Information
Kanji 美しい棺
Romaji Utsukushï Hitsugi
Airdate December 8, 2011
Opening Boys, Come Back To Me Ending Asa no Kageri no Naka de
Insert Song

"Beautiful Coffin" is the 22nd episode in Mawaru Penguindrum .




Ringo stumbles on two girls conspiciously dressed before the Takakuras' house and finds that they are actually Himari's childhood friends Hibari and Hikari from the Double H idol duo. They ask her to give Himari a present in return for the scarves she knit for them before leaving. Kanba learned from Sanetoshi that his medicine will not work on Himari anymore, and that according to him, she can only be saved after he fulfills his group's objective. Himari tries to dissuade him with no success and discovers that his hideout is situated under the aquarium where she laid dead before. She prays for God to have Kanba saved in exchange for her life and falls lifeless on the ground. Yuri calls Ringo to return half of the diary in her posession. She is later seen beside an unconscious Tabuki at the hospital. He was stabbed by an attacker, who is revealed to be Tsubasa, Yuri's former lover and co-worker. Masako tries to convince Kanba to give up, as the police were already aware of his plan and has a warrant on him, but he moves forward ignoring her pleas. They are surrounded afterwards and he puts himself in harm's way to protect her. Injured and unconscious, Kanba is carried away by his comrades while Masako decides to fight the police alone to help him escape.

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