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The Door of Fate That We Choose
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Release Information
Kanji 僕たちが選ぶ運命のドア
Romaji Bokutachi ga Erabu Unmei no Doa
Airdate December 1, 2011
Opening Boys, Come Back To Me Ending Tamashï ko ga Shite
Insert Song

"The Door of Fate That We Choose" is the 21st episode in Mawaru Penguindrum .




Ringo is approached by a journalist who asks about the Takakura siblings, but she yells at him saying that he doesn't know anything, and afterwards, she warns Himari about him. Later that night, Himari, is told by the same journalist about how Kanba had been collecting money for her treatment. She then trails him to the shop where he supposedly meets with their parents, just to find the place torn down and have a shocking revelation. Sanetoshi interviews Dr. Washizuka on his "show", and it is revealed that Sanetoshi was once his assistant who was also in the arctic expedition.

It is also revealed that Sanetoshi was the founding father and leader of the Kiga group, but died during an incident. Sanetoshi admits that he has returned as a ghost, or a curse, because Momoka had thwarted his plan. Shouma is also informed by the journalist about Kanba's involvement with the Kiga Group, and tries to stop him by force, albeit unsuccessfully. Meanwhile, Tabuki and Yuri, like Himari, come to the shop. There they find the skeletons of the Takakura parents, before being attacked by a certain masked individual.

Shouma finds that Kanba gave orders for the journalist to be killed in a car accident, and had been informed by Sanetoshi that the medicine will not be able to keep prolonging Himari's life much longer. Shouma then says to Himari that they can't live as a family anymore, sending her to live with his uncle. Later on the Kiga group and Kanba prepare themselves for a large scale operation. Himari, seen sitting behind him, claims that she is determined to stop him at the cost of her life.

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