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My Fated One
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Release Information
Kanji 私の運命の人
Romaji Watashi no Unmei no Hito
Airdate November 17, 2011
Opening Boys, Come Back To Me Ending HIDE and SEEK
Insert Song

"My Fated One" is the 19th episode of Mawaru-Penguindrum.


After the incident at the construction site, Tabuki quit his job and left Yuri, while Kanba is praised by his parents for protecting Himari. His parents claim that once their true objective is reached, they will be together again. Kanba makes use of the money he got from his parents to throw a party for Himari (with Shouma and Ringo) to celebrate her return home. Himari reflects on her conversation with Sanetoshi, as she doubts that she will eventually be cured. After, Sanetoshi has a conversation with Masako, where Masako promises she will stop Sanetoshi's plans. Masako then pays a visit to Himari and demands her to remember about her true past, as she claims Himari is not Kanba's real sister. She points her gun,which now contains memory-regaining bullets rather than memory erasing ones, at Himari's head. However, she is stopped by Kanba and Shouma who had just returned home. Even so, Himari manages to remember her past and declares that Shouma is her soulmate.



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