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Please Stay By My Side
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Release Information
Kanji だから私のためにいてほしい
Romaji Dakara Watashi no Tame ni Ite Hoshï
Airdate November 10, 2011
Opening Boys, Come Back To Me Ending Hai Iro no Suiyōbi
Insert Song

"Please Stay By My Side" is the 18th episode of Mawaru-Penguindrum.



Tabuki reminisces about how he injured his own hands in despair of being abandoned by his mother, who had only cared about his younger brother, a much more talented pianist. After Tabuki traps Ringo in the elevator and holds Himari hostage, he phones Kanba and demands that Kanba bring his father to him. Kanba arrives alone to meet them, claiming he has no idea where his father is and finds Himari hung over into a construction bucket. Tabuki does not believe him and Ringo decides to call the police, but Kanba asks her to not do it and she calls Shouma instead. Tabuki reveals that Himari's brother is receiving money from his father's organization to pay for her treatment. Tabuki remembers how Momoka had her hand severely injured to save him, and starts severing the wires holding the bucket aloft one by one. He claims that the only way for Kanba to prevent Himari from falling to her death is by sacrificing his own hand to hold the final wire together when it snaps. Kanba complies and despite his pain, he claims he would never let his sister die. Himari than decides to jump to spare Kanba's life. Tabuki sees that Kanba has the same determination to protect his sister he saw in Momoka when she saved him, and ends up saving Himari. Shoma arrives soon after, and the siblings reunite in tears. Tabuki makes his leave, meeting Yuri on the way, who reprimands him. It is also revealed that Yuri's showdown with Masako ended in a draw, with each still holding half of the diary.

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