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Those Who Cannot Be Forgiven
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Release Information
Kanji 許されざる者
Romaji Yurusa Rezaru Mono
Airdate November 3, 2011
Opening Boys, Come Back to Me Ending BAD NEWS (Kuroi Yokan)
Insert Song

"Those Who Cannot Be Forgiven" is the 17th episode of Mawaru-Penguindrum.



The Takakura siblings are enjoying Takoyaki together, happy with the news that Himari will soon be released from hospital, when the magic hat possesses Himari again for another Survival Strategy meeting. She insists to the brothers that their ordeal will not be over until the Penguin Drum is retrieved. Meanwhile, Yuri and Tabuki reminisce about their childhood days with Momoka. Yuri is unable to forgive the siblings for their parents' crime and Tabuki tries to dissuade her. In the next day, Himari leaves by herself with Ringo to go shopping. Kanba and Shouma's are then informed that Himari must take another dose of medicine by nightfall and begin a fervent search for Himari. While the brothers look for Himari, Ringo receives a call from Yuri who invites her and Himari for a meeting. Yuri waits for Himari and decides to kill her, but is intercepted by Masako instead. The two start fighting for the two halves of the diary. Meanwhile, Himari and Ringo are approached by Tabuki who invites them to a tall building, where he claims he will finally bring punishment to the Takakura family.

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