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Even If Your Love Is a Lie...
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Release Information
Kanji 君の恋が嘘でも僕は
Romaji Kimi no Koi ga Uso de mo Boku wa
Airdate September 1, 2011
Opening Nornir Ending DEAR FUTURE
Insert Song N/A

"Even If Your Love Is a Lie..." is the 8th episode of Mawaru-Penguindrum.


After the engagement annoucement, Yuri Tokikago and Keiju Tabuki have decided to move into a new apartment- which Ringo Oginome only finds out when she finds herself in Tabuki's empty, old house. But when she finds the change of address notice that Tabuki gave to Shoma, it reinvigorates her to go through with "Project M". Meanwhile, Kanba Takakura decides that if Shoma fails to get the diary soon, he is going to take it from Ringo by force.


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