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Double H
DoubleH 01.jpg
Character Basics
Japanese ダブルH
Romanized Daburu H
Debut Episode 01
Biological Stats
Age 13
Gender Female
Race Human
Biographical Information
Occupation Idol

Double H or WH is a popular idol duo and mascot characters seen throughout the series. They're most prominently shown on the subway public service announcements's "Today's Slogan". The duo is made up of Hibari Isora and Hikari Utada.


Hikari and Hibari on the cover of Sixteen.

Originally when they were children, Hikari, Hibari, and Himari formed "Triple H" based on the first english letter of their first names. However, when Himari stopped attending school Hibari and Hikari debuted without her and renamed themselves "Double H".

Today's Slogan[]

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Episode Image Today's Slogan
01 PSA1.gif Garbage Goes in the Garbage Bin
02 PSA2.gif Molest and Be Arrested.
03 PSA3.gif Stop Physicurry Odor
04 PSA4.gif Beware of Baggage Theft!
05 PSA5.gif Borrow Responsibly.
Don’t Fall Into a Debt Spiral.
06 PSA6.gif Let's Be Careful.
Painful Traps Where You Walk.
07 PSA7.gif Know When to Give Up...
08 PSA8.gif Noise Makers Not Allowed
09 PSA9.gif Out-of-the-Park Home Run
Don’t Give Up on your Dreams
Dream Hit
10 PSA10.gif Cherish Your Memories
11 Hh.jpeg Don't Give Up On Your Dreams
12 PSA12.gif It Happened Before I Was Born
13 PSA13.gif 10 Year Anniversary
14 Vlcsnap-000282-444x250.png

It only takes one word to nip misconduct in the bud. We're all in this together


PSA15.gif Don't play with Straps
16 PSA16.gif Faith will move mountains
17 Slogan17b.gif Someone is targeting you
18 Slogan18.gif Hidden Cameras Strictly Forbidden
19 Slogan19a.gif Truths born from Lies
20 Slogan20a.gif One man's Trash is another man's Treasure
21 Slogan21.gif Parents and Money: Don't think they'll last forever.
22 Slogan22.gif Coming right now to see you.
23 Slogan23.gif Two is better than One.
Working Together is Beautiful.
24 Slogan24a.gif Welcome Back

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