Asami Kuhō
Character Basics
Japanese 久宝 阿佐美
Romanized Kuhō Asami
Seiyū Saori Hayami
Debut Episode 04
Biological Stats
Gender Female
Race Human
Biographical Information
Occupation Model
Affiliation Heart-Broken Victims of Takakura Kanba Association

Asami Kuhō (久宝 阿佐美 Kuhō Asami?) is a model and one of Kanba's ex-girlfriends. Together with Yui and Chizuru they formed the "Heart-Broken Victims of Takakura Kanba Association".



Kanba TakakuraEdit

At one point of her life, she met Takakura Kanba, and they both seem to have a relationship. Not long after, they broke up, making her as one of Kanba's ex-girlfriends.


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