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Character Basics
Romanized Aoi
Seiyū Aya Uchida
Debut Episode 08
Biological Stats
Age 6-7
Birth Late 2004 or early 2005
Gender Female
Race Human
Biographical Information
Occupation Elementary School Student
Family Unnamed Father

Satoshi Oginome (stepfather)

Aoi's Mother (mother)

Eriko Oginome (stepmother)

Momoka Oginome (stepsister; deceased)

Ringo Oginome (stepsister)

Aoi (藍) is the stepdaughter of Satoshi Oginome from his second marriage with mother and the stepsister of Ringo Oginome (Episode 13).


Aoi is a little girl of about 6-7 years old, with long dark brown hair that is tied in two tails topped by a flower and light brown eyes. She is dressed in a pink long-sleeved T-shirt, an orange dress with a white collar, and a brown knot on the front along pink sandals.


Aoi is a cheerful and energetic little girl who runs around, speaking loudly and asking for everybody's attention. For example, she pulls on her stepfather's hand to show him a moray eel and shows how many things she knows. She will also ask her stepfather very spontaneously if he would be okay to come to school as her biological father.


Satoshi Oginome[]

Satoshi is Aoi's stepfather who is quite willing for him to take place as her biological father, even though she calls him "Mister", instead of "Dad". She insists on him coming to school as her biological father and even asks him to do so, jumping in the air with joy when he asks her mother if she would get married to him.


Background History[]

Aoi and her mother met Satoshi Oginome (who had divorced after his eldest daughter's death) when Aoi's mother was probably divorced from her ex-husband or widowed after her first husband's death. They eventually got on well with him as they then go out all together.

Part in the Story[]

Even If Your Love Is a Lie...[]

Aoi, along with her mother and Satoshi Oginome went all together to the Sunshiney Aquarium with Satoshi, and then went into the souvenir shop in an eerily familiar manner that Ringo Oginome did when the girl was a little girl. [1] After discussing with Satoshi, she asks him if he would be her father and demonstrates great joy when he asks her mother for marriage.



  1. Episode 08, the faux family appears before Ringo's eyes.

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